LGL Clip In Hair Extensions are easy to apply and hide for that discreet glamorous look.

Set of 10 Volume pieces:

- 1 x 4 Clips / 22cm wide

- 2 x 3 Clips  / 16cm wide

- 4 x 2 Clips / 12cm wide

- 3 x 1 Clip / 5cm wide

Hair Clip ins are hair strips from a weft and made up of various lengths and applied with clips.

The clips are already mounted on the hair to make it quick and easy to use straight away.

This easy and amazing range is perfect for those special occasions but also for day to day use as they can be worn indefinately.

LGL Hair is 100% ultra real remy DOUBLE DRAWNhuman hair at the higest quality with every strand equal from top to bottom.

LGL hair comes in a variety of natural shades and lengths.

#12 Copper Blonde

100 Grams